Prove the power of design and art

I’m an digital product designer and currently in the position as a design studio lead in Berlin. Over the past 7 years, I have designed or coordinated more than 25 digital products. 

My mission is to prove the power of design and art. So I’m curious about user experience, interface and brand interaction of digital products. But I am even more enthusiastic about cars and things on four wheels. Yes I'm also known as petrol head. So being typ147 is my passion project aka side hustle.

I have also been coaching designers and project teams for several years, promoting individual needs and supporting personal development. I’ve been accompanying mobility topics for both customers and me for several years.

I illustrate to share my view on cars and their aesthetic angles. Every drawing and art car itself is connected with a stories - that makes it even more interesting. Feel free to reach out and share your automotive story.

If you are interested in the person behind, feel free to visit my personal page.
Be respectful and drive tastefully.